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September 16, 2010

Luck Brothers’ Cubano

If you find yourself in the Grandview area with as little as 10 or 15 minutes to kill, stop by Luck Brothers Coffee House and order the Cubano.  I had a bit of time this morning, as Cherub has started back to school two days a week.  There’s something magical about this particular mix: a shot of simple syrup, two shots of espresso, and foamed half and half.  Don’t order this to go, please.  Have a seat and enjoy it properly in a mug and saucer.  I know, it could have been just me that seemed to melt a little bit after the first sip, but wouldn’t you like to see if it worked for you, too?

September 16, 2010

Slow Food People

Pavilions at Slow Food Nation

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There’s a great video at Slow Food, even if it’s a bit long, it’s worth seeing.  

Terra Madre is the biennial conference coming up in Torino in October.  Ten people from Central Ohio will be joining 8,000 fisherman, farmers, cooks, and academics from all over the world to share knowledge and skills.   The Slow Food movement works to counteract the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat and how it tastes.  It brings together pleasure and responsibility.  

That’s why I’m involved. 

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