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October 12, 2010

Leek Pie


When I was at Pearl Alley Farmers Market, I picked up two of the last three bundles of leeks at a stall (how awful that I don’t remember which farm it was!).  I have been lovingly obsessing over them and plotting what to do that would be a proper homage to one of my most favorite of vegetables.  Flavors of Tuscany does it again with la Porrata or leek pie.  And it’s in keeping with my Italian mood: just a few humble ingredients transform into somthing luscious.  It is a bit of work as you’ve got to make a yeast dough (fun with a kid!) and let it rise for an hour, but the flavor makes it so very well worth it.  It would be a lovely addition to a Sunday brunch, but also makes a great lunch with a few delicate greens dressed with a fenugreek vinaigrette (i.e., standard vinaigrette with 1/2 teaspoon of ground fenugreek whisked in).  This is a bit like a Quiche, only much lighter (no cream at all and just a little bit of parmesan) and it properly showcases that beautiful Allium

la Porrata, Leek Pie, inspired from Flavors of Tuscany

For the dough:

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