About Debra

Greek goddess of the underworld, goddess of spring growth, daughter of the goddess of the harvest.   Persephone is the goddess of seasonality.

I live in Columbus, Ohio.  It’s fantastic: farms plus a food scene.

I love to cook, garden and eat.  My hobby is food.  I think about it.  A lot.  I love seasons and the variety of food each season can produce.  I enjoy reading cookbooks, researching cuisines and coming up with new recipes.  And I’ve picked up a bit from where I’ve lived and my travels; diverse and far flung locales including Texas, New Jersey and jaunts across Europe.

A lot of people wonder how I have so much time to cook.  I don’t actually have a hidden stash of time.  I usually have 30 minutes to an hour to pull dinner together, just like a lot of folks.

I’m a mom (you may have read that Persephone was barren, turns out I wasn’t).  Our now five-year old (Cherub) likes to cook.  A butter knife and a cutting board with some vegetables that need chopping is a good activity to keep her occupied.

I love local food and I’m a Slow Food Columbus board member, but I don’t always buy everything local, heritage-breed, heirloom and organic.  We’re a fairly normal family.  But we love food, enjoy our time together and think sharing a good meal together is really, really important.   We really want our daughter to grow up having experienced a variety of foods.  As a result, already at five, she’s a pretty adventurous eater.  Her favorite night of the week is risotto night, no matter the flavor.

If I had one tip to offer someone new to cooking or who doesn’t like to cook it would be to make sure you do all of your prep before you start cooking.  That means chopping up all your ingredients, measuring all your spices and even cleaning up before you turn on the pan.  I would also like to say having a glass of wine or a cold drink while you cook is a great way to relax and make it fun instead of a chore.

And I’m really into music.  I believe there’s a playlist for every meal.

I love to cook, and I think you can, too!

Send me a note anytime, I love mail.

I consider product reviews on a case by case basis.  All the things I mention on the site as having used are brands and products I love.  My opinions are my own, if I have been given a product to use, I will state it clearly in the post.


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5 thoughts on “About Debra

  1. Saturday, January 8th, 2011


    Thank you for the recipe on cooking the Hubbard squash. I plan to use it very soon.

    Francis Paternoster

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