Perfect Pairings | Turbot in Aubergine Soup

Bread and butter.  Strawberries and cream.  Proenza and Schouler.  Blomkvist and Salander.  I’m not simply saying that some things go together, I’m saying that they complement each other, they amplify each other, and their sum is greater than their parts. Take, for example, eggplant and tomato.  They grow together, they’re picked together, and most importantly, they create… Read More Perfect Pairings | Turbot in Aubergine Soup


Risotto Night | Shrimp and Sea Beans

It happens pretty much once a week. I love it. Hades loves it. Cherub can’t get enough of it. I love that it’s a versatile dish that takes on whatever flavor or season you throw at it. I often make it as a vegetarian dish, and we never really miss the meat on those nights. You can even skip cheese to make it vegan if you top it with a delicious and simple pangrattato. This summer’s versions have included carrot and coriander or the ubiquitous tomato and basil, as well as this week’s fancy-schmancy version: shrimp with sea beans.… Read More Risotto Night | Shrimp and Sea Beans

Gameday in the Underworld | Lamb Tagine

I knew it was game day, I just didn’t make the traditional food for it. This is a novel spread for fall football entertaining because (well, it features lamb, but also!) each of these can be served either hot or room temperature. If it’s not your thing, give these dishes a try on a fall weekend when your favorite team has a bye.

First, tagine of lamb (we used lovely little lamb chops).… Read More Gameday in the Underworld | Lamb Tagine