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October 19, 2010

Cocktails at the Rossi with Maia

Maia and I enjoyed cocktails and dinner at The Rossi tonight.  Maia is rather worldly and has been just about everywhere in this fair city of ours.  I love that about her.  She can order with the pros.

I started with a Ohio Apple Pie cocktail with some Brothers Drake mead because I just recently tasted all their fall releases.  The Rossi is one of the swanky places that carries this fine stuff.  Nicolene, the creative barkeep at Rossi, pairs Brothers Drake Apple Pie mead with another local libation, OYO vodka, and finishes it off with a garnish of cinnamon and sugar.  Really nice pairing.

Maia had the Fletcher and Bligh with Ten Cane rum, key lime juice, some maraschino liqueur.  The beautifully presented martini glass is kissed with vanilla bean sugar and looks like a frosted winter present, albeit one of delicious alcohol.

Being from Texas, I can’t pass up an opportunity to try an enchilada in any form, and

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October 18, 2010

Persephone’s Drinks Cabinet: Brothers Drake Mead

Saturday Hades and I went to a preview tasting of the fall releases from Brothers Drake Meadery.  I was a novice to mead, having only equated it with Vikings downing huge mugs after a well-executed pillaging. 

The Drake brothers (Woody and Eric) brought me up to speed on its history as well as its production.  This is a local beverage!  As you know, Persephone loves local.  Basic mead is three pristine ingredients: honey, yeast and spring water.  So essentially, as the boys taught me, you could make it at home.  You could.  But why bother if you’ve got some

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