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November 19, 2010

Dinner at The Buena Vista Social Club | Braised Tri-tip

So when you’re gone most of the day, you need something that you can stick in the oven on a really low heat, or perhaps in the crock pot, if that’s your weapon of choice.  A tri-tip roast is your answer.  It’s an inexpensive cut that I’ve found works beautifully with Cuban flavors.  It can stand to be braised for a good while.  Because there are only two per cow, they may not be behind your butcher’s window – so just ask.  Today, the roast was cooked along with a combination of peppers, onions and carrot, which was later pureed and turned into a lovely sauce that pulled the whole dish together.  Served with a sunchoke and cassava mash and a few fried plantains, this is a sturdy meal for a chilly night.  Familiar, but with a little bit of newness to keep your interest piqued.  Just like a first date.

Cuban Tri-tip, Sunchoke and Cassava Mash with Fried Plantains, serves 4

3  pounds tri-tip

1  jalapeno (all of it, seeds and everything) stem cut off and cut in quarters

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