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November 30, 2011

Pie Season | Parsnip and Butternut Tart

Pie.  Tart.  Deliciousness in a dish.

The recipe for this Any Season Fruit (or Vegetable) Tart (page 19) is from Gilt Taste.  It’s a surprising base that can skew sweet or savory.  But on first blush, you could only assume it would be sweet as the base is butter and sugar creamed together.  It has to be cake, right?  But no, with a full teaspoon of salt in it, as well as some savory and thyme (thrown in by me), this autumnal pastry was devoured by everyone, including Cherub.

I used a combination of parsnips and butternut squash, parboiling them for just five minutes in heavily salted water before draining them and adding them to the tart.  I also sprinkled in some dried thyme and savory.  To add a little extra oomph to the final dish, I shook up a quick chili and sriracha cream in a half pint ball jar until thick.  A tablespoon per slice adds a nice kick of heat.

Playlist included Video Games, by Lana Del Rey.

October 21, 2010

Pub Night: Steak Pie with Mushy Peas

We have a love for just about all things English in this house: Shaun and Ed, Brit rock, Liberty fabrics, English comedy (the original Office, please), Chelsea football, Stilton, the Queen, English gardens, and the concept of a “local.”  Give me some grass-fed beef and I’ll give you a pie.  I could have used some kidneys to throw in there, too.  Next time.  I like to serve that lovely pie with some mushy peas.  These peas are the easiest side dish of all time: two ingredients, one of which is frozen peas.  While I didn’t use marrowfat peas as a traditional recipe calls, a good organic frozen variety pinch hits nicely.  Add in a bit of English cheddar to the peas and you’re laughing. 

A PK tip: this is a great meal for a Saturday afternoon; you need time, but not much of it is hands on time.  Plus it goes very well with beer.

Who Ate All The (Meat) Pie?

For the Pie

2 pounds (grass-fed, organic) chuck roast, cut in large cubed, bones reserved

small handful baby leeks, chopped (or 1 small onion, or 1 large leek)

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October 12, 2010

Leek Pie


When I was at Pearl Alley Farmers Market, I picked up two of the last three bundles of leeks at a stall (how awful that I don’t remember which farm it was!).  I have been lovingly obsessing over them and plotting what to do that would be a proper homage to one of my most favorite of vegetables.  Flavors of Tuscany does it again with la Porrata or leek pie.  And it’s in keeping with my Italian mood: just a few humble ingredients transform into somthing luscious.  It is a bit of work as you’ve got to make a yeast dough (fun with a kid!) and let it rise for an hour, but the flavor makes it so very well worth it.  It would be a lovely addition to a Sunday brunch, but also makes a great lunch with a few delicate greens dressed with a fenugreek vinaigrette (i.e., standard vinaigrette with 1/2 teaspoon of ground fenugreek whisked in).  This is a bit like a Quiche, only much lighter (no cream at all and just a little bit of parmesan) and it properly showcases that beautiful Allium

la Porrata, Leek Pie, inspired from Flavors of Tuscany

For the dough:

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