The Olive Orchard | Local Importer of Worldly Oils

Persephone has a little food philosophy: eat locally as much as possible, and when things aren’t grown or produced locally, try to support a locally-based business that provides them.

I caught up with Kieren Metts of Columbus-based (more specifically, Grandview Heights) The Olive Orchard Friday at Whole Foods.  I was fortunate to have a chance to taste several of their olive oils.  It’s quite something to sample many varieties of what is essentially the same product.  The differences between an olive oil from one orchard versus another are quite striking.  It was a pleasure to learn a bit more about one of the most basic and oft-used ingredients in my kitchen.

Kieren informed me that each of The Olive Orchard’s oils are single estate oils, a lot like wine.  The oils origins ranged from Greece, to Italy, to Chile, to Turkey and South Africa.  The harvesting and processing methods of their producers are meticulous as well.  The olives in Turkey are hand harvested and pressed within hours of harvest.  The same goes for the impressive and award winning Sicilian Extra Virgin olive oil from the Cutrera Estate.  This is the olive oil that is in Jeni’s Splendid’s Olive Oil and Sea Salted Pepita (tremendous combo).

I liked the Greek Extra Virgin olive oil.  I thought it was a nicely balanced flavor for everyday cooking.  The Sicilian EV was super green and almost grassy, and would be tasty as a drizzle over steamed asparagus or lightly cooked carrots.

The Olive Orchard oils are available at Columbus-area Whole Foods, The Hills Market and online.


5 thoughts on “The Olive Orchard | Local Importer of Worldly Oils

  1. Hi Debra,
    It was wonderful to talk with you on Friday! I’m glad you had a chance to sample The Olive Orchard’s wide range of delicious EVOOs and I’m super glad to find your blog. It’s newsy and chock-full of good local info. It’s in my bookmarks now!
    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Debra! I’ve surfed your blog and it’s full of fun recipes. I’m impressed that your cherub loves risotto! I have three kids, ages 6, 8 and 10. A wonderful, unexpected side effect of working on The Olive Orchard has been their newfound interest in this liquid gold. They enjoy taste testing, offering opinions, and locating the orchards on our world map. Healthy habits start young :).

    In case it’s helpful, we keep an updated list of our retail partners on this page of our blog:


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