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This is, in fact, a cooking blog.  But there are times that even Persephone has to set down the saute pan and back away from the kitchen.  Every once in a while, I like to head out and let someone else do the cooking.  And when I do, most of the time, we head for a restaurant that’s part of the Dine Originals Columbus family.  Fifty-three independently-owned restaurants cover the entire cuisine spectrum from sushi to tapas to sandwiches to steaks.  If you’re in the mood for something, there’s a Dine Originals restaurant that matches your craving.

Dine Originals gift certificates make great presents.  As my final gift to you, dear readers, I have a Dine Originals Columbus $30 gift certificate to give you.  To win, let me know where, of the 53 restaurants, you’d spend your certificate.  Submit your answer in the comments section of this post or send me a tweet with your answer.  You have until tomorrow, December 1 at noon EST to enter.  For full giveaway rules click here.  Good luck and thanks for playing this week!  I’ve really enjoyed all your comments!

14 Comments to “Giveaway of the Day | Dine Originals”

  1. Vino Vino! Hand’s down. A fun date spot and you can’t beat the jalepeno mussels and portabella ravioli. Not to mention, being waited on by an old friend!

  2. Basil! I wonder if I could find a group of girlfriends to go with me… 🙂

  3. Wow…so many great choices. I think I would go to The Short Story in Granville. Such a unique dining experience in a beautiful area.

  4. G. Michael’s! It is my favorite restaurant in Cbus, and I haven’t been since early this summer.

  5. Barcelona’s!!! The only time I have been there, I was already too full to enjoy anything!!!

  6. haha I’m not sure I’m allowed to enter, but sure.

    DeepWood! The Scallop Wellington, with spinach and rich velvety foie gras sauce, was absolutely brilliant. And the Ginger Bullet, a sinfully bright Bourbon martini with crystallized ginger, was a perfect cocktail.

  7. I would go to the Worthington inn. I am dying to finally get there.

  8. I would definitely go to Alana’s!

  9. vino vino because I’ve been to Figlio about a million times and haven’t actually made it next door yet.

  10. Vino Vino! I’ve never been, but I’ve been anxious to try it out!

  11. Congratulations, Susan M. Dinner is on Dine Originals and Persephone! Have lots of fun. Happy holidays everyone. xoxo, Persephone

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