Persephone Entertains | Quick Flower Arrangements

It’s late April here in Ohio and in my backyard, I have a crab apple tree* in near-full bloom.  In my front yard, I have a magnolia tree in near-full bloom.  I have grape hyacinths popping up under the forsythia.

Using my prep bowls, I nestled sprigs of crab apple and hyacinth for personal arrangements on the dinner table.

In stemless martini glasses I cut short stems of magnolias to march down the center of the table.

For the mantle, I stuck whole branches of budding crab apple in ball jars, weighted with rocks Cherub has collected.

It was a pink party. For my sweetest Cherub who’s turning four.

Playlist included Pretty in Pink, by the Psychedelic Furs.

*When the crab apple tree is done flowering and has a zillion crab apples on it, I will most likely attempt this from kitchen conqueror and sweet friend Kate.


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