Dine Originals Week | November Preview

I do so love the creativity of this group of restaurants.  And Dine Originals Week (November 7-13) really gives them a chance to shine.  To flirt a little.  To show off some extra personality.  Pair all that with a pricing structure ($10, $20or $30) that makes a three-course meal within reach of just about everybody and you’re set for some serious fun.

Great values are to be had at some of Columbus’s best restaurants this week.  Black Creek Bistro is one-upping the three-course guideline and kicking in an extra course  for dinner in the $30 category.  Barcelona Restaurant and Bar has a super flexible lunch for only $10 that includes a starter or dessert, one of their bocadillos and a choice of a side item.  DeepWood Restaurant is offering a chance to dine with them at any price level this week.  For $10 join them at lunch for a shrimp po’ boy or a house made sloppy joe.  Considering the owner’s commitment to sourcing, seasonality and scratch cooking, ten bucks is a steal.  They also offer three-course dinners at both the $20 and $30 levels, which is thoughtful.

Other favorites of mine include Katzinger’s Delicatessen(which holds a special place in my heart for the best smoked salmon to be had in Columbus), which is featuring a three course lunch for $10.

Skillet remains one of the best places in town and tops the creativity list with some serious, serious food.  The kind food geeks swoon over.  Good luck getting a seat for the dinner (priced at $30).  I’d call soon, if I were you (614-443-2266, fyi).

I’d recommend booking a table soon, too, at Rigsby’s Kitchen.  With offerings on the $30 dinner menu like duck and foie gras terrine, and what has been said to be the best arctic char dish, not only in town, but perhaps the world, they’re sure to fill up.

As a treat this week Pistacia Vera, most popular for their macarons (20,000 a month popular), is offering a $10 brunch featuring their quiches.  Pair with their signature Cafe Brioso roast coffee and you’ll zip through the rest of your day.

In terms of flirty fun, Alana’s Food and Wine is enticing some customers to drink their dinner.  Dinner would then be three specialty cocktails and complimentary hors d’ oeuvres.  Cheers to that!  And who could forget that Surly Girl Saloon pretty much corners the market on flirty fun?  This week’s menu is East vs. West and is another great value at $30 for three courses for two.

Truly, there are a ton of choices out there.  And only a mere seven days to try them all.  Go forth and eat.


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