If You Have A Moment | JCT Kitchen

We had the good fortune to stop into JCT Kitchen when we were in Atlanta for the day during our vacation.  It was, perhaps, the best food decision we’d made, well, maybe ever.  Friends of ours love it already and we had heard from several folks (even strangers!) that it was their favorite spot in the ATL.

The fact that they serve Sunday suppers was what really made it a place that was aiming for my heart.  I mean, because what’s more important than that, really?  Most Sundays, you go over to Momma’s house and eat ’til you’re full.  But what if Momma’s out of town?  If you’re in Atlanta for any reason, eat here.  Anytime.  Truly.  It’s that special.

The food was thoughtful, modern Southern  fare.  We were there for lunch with (now five years old!) Cherub and were perfectly at ease.  Details, down to the inspired “kid’s menu,” were what made us feel so at home.  She ordered the “fish sticks” and we all nearly battled to polish off the light as air battered lengths of fish that were kissed with the freshest lemon.  She wisely ordered the green beans to go with and they were like almost none other: fresh bright green, perfectly seasoned and luxuriating in butter.  Sorry little one, Momma wants just a few more.

Appetizers of devil eggs with ham and the pimento cheese fry bread with picked veg had us hungry for more.  The yolks on the eggs were silky and the pickled vegetables with the fry bread were the perfect foil.  The chef here knows a whole lot about balance.  The fried chicken and the creamy Sea Island red peas were heavenly as was the salmon sandwich and truffle Parmesan fries.  I really don’t think you could have a bad meal there.

With the lovely afternoon light streaming into the dining room and our tummies pleasantly full we couldn’t  help but order a couple of desserts.  Let me rephrase that: Cherub couldn’t help order a couple of desserts.   Chocolate toast and banana pudding were the order and I have to say, I teared up just a little because man, this kid already knows how to order.

The prices for the freshness (we saw the chef outside after lunch with a farmer and his pickup truck buying all the produce he had) and finesse was almost jaw-dropping.  We expected to pay much, much more.

I honestly don’t have further words than this place really is good and when you’re in town you need to go.

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Playlist included Ho Hey by The Lumineers.


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