Chrismukkah Fare | Latkes and Bubbly

I know I’m biased, but food has always been, and remains, the keystone of every culture.  It brings people together, allowing families to share, to bond, and to pay homage those that came before them.  Many of the recipes I share here, from pub food, to Spanish stews, to Asian noodles or vegetarian Indian curries are designed to bring people together… Read More Chrismukkah Fare | Latkes and Bubbly


Root Vegetable 101 | Turnip Soup

Some of the most available (and storable) vegetables for the winter season are the root vegetables.  They’re versatile and relatively easy to find grown locally.  They’re really good for you and they’re really tasty.  Which brings me to the lowly, oft maligned turnip.   I think it’s kind of sad.  (Voice cracking just a little bit.)  It’s… Read More Root Vegetable 101 | Turnip Soup

Salmon with Creamy Leeks and Cannellini Beans

Fish is pretty much your best bet for a quick weeknight meal — it’s healthy and fuss free.   Salmon being one of PK’s favorites, I’ve come up with pretty much a million different ways to fix it.  Tonight, it was simply prepared with salt and pepper, then topped with leeks softened with pancetta and served with creamy cannellini beans… Read More Salmon with Creamy Leeks and Cannellini Beans

Thursday Night Turkey, via Slovenia

Poseidon is somewhat of a world traveler.  After spending some time in Slovenia, he brought back with him a delightful way to incorporate turkey into a weekly menu.  He first came across this dish at the restaurant Julija on Ljublijana’s Main Square.  It’s a very typical and traditional Slovene dish, but with Italian notes (after all,… Read More Thursday Night Turkey, via Slovenia

Autumn Prelude – Steak and Potatoes

It was Beethoven who said that “when the ideas are good, the elaboration is not of such great importance.” I think this attitude is equally important in the kitchen. Take last night’s dinner, for example steak and potatoes.

As I said in my first post, you won’t find earth shatteringly new ways to cook here, just tasty ones. The skirt steak was marinated very simply in olive oil and salt. Why? We were out of pepper and I was too lazy to shop for some. (But I will shop for some tomorrow at the new North Market Spices.)… Read More Autumn Prelude – Steak and Potatoes