Running with Artemis | Bodega for Happy Hour


Extra Meaty Pizza, Chicken Tikka and my new favorite beer: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. Oh. So. Good!

I adore my Hades, my husband.  He gifted me an evening out, managing Cherub at home.  A job in and of itself.  I enjoyed an evening out with fellow Goddess Artemis at Bodega.  Awesome bar nibbles.  Yes, yes, I know you know about $1 grilled cheese on Mondays. But what about their Chicken Tikka small plate or their All Meat Pizza?  You haven’t had that?  PK reccomends you pair that with their sassy waitstaff and tremendous draft beers. Persephone’s new fave is the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.  What more could you ask for, really?  Maybe bar specials?  Well, they have you covered there, love: 4 to 8 weekdays, half off drafts.

Playlist included anything by Badly Drawn Boy, our waiter.  Who makes tremendous beer recs.


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