Japanese Crepes from Foodie Cart

Columbus, as the locals all know, has a fast growing number of food carts and food trucks.  PK loves Foodie Cart.  

Sweet people.  Tasty, creative crepes.  And a devoted following

Within two minutes of setting up, a healthy line had already formed, thanks to lots of followers on Twitter and FaceBook.


We sampled the two sweet crepes, not having room for the Tigertree BLT with E&C.   Sigh.  Next time, hopefully. 

We sampled the Azuki Stick and the Kabocha Pumpkin


The Azuki Stick was filled with azuki beans, strawberries and shredded mozzarella.   Nice, nice.  Very nice. 

Azuki Stick with strawberries and mozzarella.


And then the heavenly Kabocha Pumpkin Mont Blanc.  It was like Japanese pumpkin pie in a crepe.  Silky pumpkin, baked meringue and whipped cream.  


3 thoughts on “Japanese Crepes from Foodie Cart

    1. It’s sooo, sooo good. The tweet goes out when they’re about to open and the line is immediate. They’re really nice, funny people, too. It’s a treat to have them here. We got a brown rice drink when we were there that day, and it was the most amazing flavor. I will look for mugicha, and maybe introduce that to Cherub. Thanks for all the great tips!

  1. P.S. My girls love mugicha. You probably may have tried it already, but it’s barley tea. No caffeine. Not sweetened. Just fresh, nutty, simple, cold tea. In Korean restaurants you can order it as “Bori cha” I think. NICE!

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