Happy Re-Birthday, Goodie Shop!

I see why Upper Arlington folks are so loyal to the Tremont Goodie Shop. We stopped in this afternoon for a slice of birthday cake (free today!) for cherub and took home a box of Goodies.  The shop has a tremendous variety of cookies and cakes (never frozen), as well as Crimson Cup coffee and fresh-baked breads.  Tasty, tasty, tasty.

It was, admittedly, my first visit to the shop.  (I had spoken with someone on the phone three years ago and had a rather unpleasant experience.)   From my friend Maia, I learned that the original owners took over the shop once again, restoring it to its former pastry glory.   If you’ve got time today, stop in on the way home to say Happy Re-Birthday and for a slice of cake, it eases just about every commute.


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