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February 19, 2012

French Crush | Pâtisserie Lallier

I have a new pastry crush.

It’s on Michelle from Pâtisserie Lallier.  She is a French-taught (Le Cordon Bleu, natch) pastry chef that has an almost mystical way about guimauves (that’s marshmallows to you and me).  Her Crème de Violette ones are particularly swoon-worthy.  The chocolate ones already have a loyal following.

And wouldn’t you know, she is lovely in every way else, too.  I met her recently when she and I judged at Taste of OSU, and after that I just seemed to keep bumping into her.  She is bright, kind and amazingly hard-working (she’s a full-time banker) all the while making marshmallows and pâtisseries and all manner of laminated doughs practically in the middle of the night for her Pâtisserie.  She also has a penchant for local ingredients, even making pawpaw Madelines each September.  She’s a girl after my heart.

She is debating a jump to full-time Pâtisserie work because it’s what’s in her heart and

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January 4, 2011

Delicious Cookies Come to You | Rogue Bakery

I love it when someone is creative.  And hilarious.  And can bake a mean cookie.  That’s Carl, who started Rogue Bakery.  He’s been around, delivering cookie happiness to Columbus-ites in the know and I finally pulled the trigger New Year’s Eve to have some cookies delivered on New Year’s Day.  Who knew?

Operating essentially without a net, Rogue lets you order cookies right on Facebook.  Follow Rouge on Twitter to keep in the loop regarding new offerings.  It’s the new social media and it comes with cookies!

Carl himself delivers the cookies right to your door.  Unless you live far away, then the mailman does it.

It’s completely fun.  And the cookies are completely delicious.  I wisely ordered the grab bag so I my hungry family could sample several types of cookies.  Carl doesn’t believe me that Cherub can pack away the cookies, but she can.  She really can I tell you.  And Hades, too.  Face it, we’re all pros.

Delivered individually wrapped and all creative tasty flavors – a spicy ancho peanut butter cookie that you couldn’t even tell was vegan was my favorite.  Holiday spritz cookies were also in the bag, Cherub’s favorite.  Chocolate chip with a bit of sea salt were fantastic as well as a dense chocolate-y cookie that had a hint of cinnamon (this one was vegan, too! – I was shocked, shocked I tell you, that I liked something that was vegan).

I love to bake, but this changes my mind a little bit about needing to do it.  When you can get such a plethora of innovative flavor combinations all at once, why not have Rouge Bakery do the baking for you?   And they deliver.  Rogue 1, Oven 0.

One dozen cookies with delivery, $15.

November 13, 2010

Dine Originals Week | Pistacia Vera

Why don’t I live in German Village again?  Seriously.  I think I’ll just move there to be closer to Pistacia Vera.  I will, of course, gain 35 pounds over the course of a week or two because I would be there every. day. Three times a day.

I knew the pastries were good.  I’ve had them before.  The coffee is hot and strong and delicious from Cafe Brioso.  And the shop is so lovely and light and minimalist.  I know all these things.  But today, there was something magical about the perfectly arranged platter of six (!!) lovingly crafted sweets, my tasty Americano and a November day when it’s almost 70 and you can sit in the pretty little side courtyard and close your eyes and imagine you’re in Paris.  I close my eyes and imagine that Cherub is behaving herself, too.  But, alas, I’m a dreamer at heart.

The $10 menu, specially designed for Dine Originals Week included left row, bottom to top: fruit pates (black currant champagne and orange ginger), a mocha praline jaconde, and a mouth-watering cashew caramel.  On the right, two of their famous Parisian macarons (a pumpkin and a maple walnut), their Florentine and the pear ginger frangipan.  I swooned over the cashew caramel.  This has risen to the tip-top of my holiday gift list.  People would kiss you if you sent them a box of these babies.  Which you can

The true beauty of Pistacia Vera is that you can get these creative and inspiring bites, along with tremendous coffee for the same price as your typical afternoon chain coffee stop.  So get thee to German Village for an unpretentious little break.  And when you do, make sure to invite me along.  You know I’m game.

October 26, 2010

Happy Re-Birthday, Goodie Shop!

I see why Upper Arlington folks are so loyal to the Tremont Goodie Shop. We stopped in this afternoon for a slice of birthday cake (free today!) for cherub and took home a box of Goodies.  The shop has a tremendous variety of cookies and cakes (never frozen), as well as Crimson Cup coffee and fresh-baked breads.  Tasty, tasty, tasty.

It was, admittedly, my first visit to the shop.  (I had spoken with someone on the phone three years ago and had a rather unpleasant experience.)   From my friend Maia, I learned that the original owners took over the shop once again, restoring it to its former pastry glory.   If you’ve got time today, stop in on the way home to say Happy Re-Birthday and for a slice of cake, it eases just about every commute.

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