French Crush | Pâtisserie Lallier

I have a new pastry crush.

It’s on Michelle from Pâtisserie Lallier.  She is a French-taught (Le Cordon Bleu, natch) pastry chef that has an almost mystical way about guimauves (that’s marshmallows to you and me).  Her Crème de Violette ones are particularly swoon-worthy.  The chocolate ones already have a loyal following.

And wouldn’t you know, she is lovely in every way else, too.  I met her recently when she and I judged at Taste of OSU, and after that I just seemed to keep bumping into her.  She is bright, kind and amazingly hard-working (she’s a full-time banker) all the while making marshmallows and pâtisseries and all manner of laminated doughs practically in the middle of the night for her Pâtisserie.  She also has a penchant for local ingredients, even making pawpaw Madelines each September.  She’s a girl after my heart.

She is debating a jump to full-time Pâtisserie work because it’s what’s in her heart and I do hope you’ll encourage her.  Stop by Global Gallery in Clintonville for a cup of fair trade coffee and one of her almond croissants or a slice of her amazing (and gluten-free) pavés aux amandes.  Or catch some of her treats on Saturday mornings at Touch of Earth in North Market.   Or place an order by sending her an e-mail or giving her a call.  You (and your tummeh) will be so glad you did.

Playlist included a favorite French crooner of Michelle’s (and mine), Benjamin Biolay singing Dans la Merco Benz.


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