Jeni’s Launch at Middle West Spirits

I was almost giggly when I found out about the Jeni’s Splendid launch party for the new flavor Oakvale Young Gouda with Vodka-Plumped Cranberries.   Hosted by Middle West Spirits in the Short North, the belle of the ball was served out of Jeni’s pretty new mobile ice cream truck. 


Now add to this that Middle West held tastings of their boutique vodka OYO, and Foodie Cart was serving Japanese Crepes outside and Clever Crow was running in fresh cornbread crust pizzas from across the street and the Salty Caramels were crooning and playing the saw (awesome!).   I thought for a minute it was my birthday.  Well, the birthday of my dreams.  My dream birthday would have mariachis doing a set when the Salty Caramels took a break and there would be fireworks.  But I digress.

The ice cream, first off, is amazing.  It’s a locally-sourced and locally-made treasure.  Jeni’s great base made with Snowville cream is layered with OYO soaked cranberries and bits of Oakvale’s young gouda.  It’s a sweet and savory flavor combination that makes your tongue want to turn cartwheels.  Oh happy, happy day.  “Sweet and unique it’s Jeni’s ice cream.”

Hades and I stopped to visit with Kenny and Misako at Foodie Cart.  Did I say stop to visit?  I meant to say inhale some of the amazing crepes.  I had the Bacon Okonomiyaki and Hades opted for Linda’s Bibimbap.  Both were delicious with a wonderful assortment of textures and flavors.  The line was staggering.  And I’m just not surprised.  If you haven’t friended them on Facebook, you need to.   You have only a bit more time to grab a crepe this month before they start up a new concept in December.  Hurry.  Run!


Clever Crow was stalk-worthy as well.  The slices vanished within moments of being brought in.  Hades (my hero) had staked out a spot at the table where the slices were being sold.  When word went ’round that Gary was back with a fresh batch, there he was, returning with a slice with my name on it.  Tonight’s version was a treat: spiced winter squash, either vegetarian or with house-made sausage.  The crust and combinations of toppings are something you cannot find anywhere else.  How exciting that you’ll now be able to visit them in their original location at Circus on High as well as a new stall opening soon at North Market.  That kind of quick success couldn’t happen to nicer people.



 The guys at MWS were gracious hosts, doling out samples of their OYO and hinting about the new Vanilla vodka that will be out in December, as well as a whisky that will be available in the spring. 

Oakvale Young Gouda will be in Jeni’s stores on November 5th, but it’s available online now.


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