Thanksgiving Wines | Persephones’s Drinks Cabinet

You may have noticed that I like to enjoy a nice wine with dinner all the time now and then.  So of course I wanted to give extra thought to the wine pairing for my favorite food holiday: Thanksgiving.  I visited with my friends Josh Shapiro and Miss McCoy at Vino 100 Short North to figure out what would taste great with my dinner, and heck, your dinner, too.  Persephone’s always happy to help!  Here are our picks.

Feeling Bold and Modern?

Josh recommends that you pair your bird with a rosé from Provence.  While rosé used to have a terrible reputation in the 80’s as overly sweet and well, kinda gross, now rosés are being rediscovered by the cool kids.  Not just for summer drinking anymore, Provence rosés add a smidge of elegance to a holiday meal.  A couple of good ones are Commanderie Bargemone ($17) which is delicate and has a dry finish, and Domaine de Terrebrune Bandol ($30), which was awarded 90 points by Wine Spectator.  The nice thing about these is that they appeal to both red and white wine crowds.  Success!

The Right Red

Beaujolais, also being touted as Gamay, referring to the grape, pairs well with a rich holiday meal.  The acidity in Beaujolais partners skillfully with the turkey and rich gravy.  These are not the unserious Beaujolais Nouveaus you’ve read stories about.  These are beautiful, balanced wines that have black fruit and cherry flavors.  The 2008 Pierre Chermette ($19) is lushly fruity and velvety with a peppery finish.  For a Cru Beaujolais, Josh recommends the Domain Chignard Les Moriers 2008 ($25).  This is what’s being served at his house.  No word yet if he is accepting reservations.

Whites that Work

Wines with fruit and honey notes will work well with the Thanksgiving meal.  Chateau Graville-Lacoste Graves Blanc ($20) is a complex white of mostly semillon grapes, that has hints of peach and a crisp, dry finish.  If you really want to pull out the stops, spring for the 2007 white burgandy from Michel Morey-Coffinet, les Houilleres ($56).  When you do, you’ll find flavors of ripe apple and pear.  Give it some time to breathe and it will be creamy with a long finish.  If you serve this at your house, be sure to extend me an invite.  I’ll bring a covered dish.

What About Leftovers?

Serve them with a sparkling or a wine with a bit of effervescence.   This is my kind of thinking.  Particularly if you make the ubiquitous turkey curry.  Spicy turkey leftovers work tremendously with wines that have a bit of bubble to them.  Vinho verdes are great buys and are fun to drink.  A couple of choices for the day after include Aveleda Fonte ($9) or Casal Garcia for a Vinho Verde Rosé ($9).  Cheap and cheerful.

Cheers, my friends.  Here’s to family, friends and good food.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Wines | Persephones’s Drinks Cabinet

  1. I looooove sparkling wine in general. I’m writing these recs down for future wine reviews. And by wine reviews, I mean, my mother and I will buy these when we’re together for the holidays, and drink them in succession (maybe in one night if we’re feeling ambitious/stupid) and take no notes on them whatsoever.

    Happy almost Thanksgiving, D. I’m thankful that Kendall set us up! – xo

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