Because You’re Only 4 1/2 Once | Chocolate Pudding

Birthdays call for cakes.  Half birthdays, pudding.  Cherub celebrated her four and half years in this world just this past Friday.  We had pudding as a special I-turned-four-and-a-half dessert.  Homemade chocolate pudding is no harder than a box mix, honestly.  Just just need a few ingredients.  Like anything else.  But these few ingredients can make a little person feel awfully special.  Or a big person for that matter.

PK’s Celebratory Chocolate Pudding, Serves 4

3 T corn starch

3/4 c granulated sugar

1/2 t ground cinnamon

generous pinch of salt

2 1/2 c whole milk (you can guess I used Snowville, right?)

2 eggs

3 oz unsweetened chocolate, broken into small pieces

handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips

2 T butter

splash of good vanilla (perhaps a generous 2 t).

In a large sauce pan, whisk together the corn starch, sugar, cinnamon, and salt.  In a large measuring cup measure the milk, then whisk in the two eggs.  Add the milk mixture to the corn starch mixture and cook over medium heat.  Add in the chocolates.  Cook for ten minutes, whisking with a metal whisk constantly.   Stir in the vanilla and butter.  Remove from heat and divide between four bowls.  Serve warm (my favorite) or press plastic wrap to the surface of each pudding and refrigerate until cool.  Serve with vanilla whipped cream.

Playlist included Aberdeen, by Cherub’s favorite band of the moment, Cage the Elephant.  (And what do you know, the Album’s called Thank You, Happy Birthday.)


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