New Adventures | Charlotte and Olivia’s Ice Creams

I went with a friend to my very first Meet Up.  Which, to be honest wasn’t something I would normally find within my range of regular activities.  But she tempted me with something: there would be ice cream.  And someone to give you some tips on making it at home.

She didn’t have to know that I have had a frozen ice cream maker bowl languishing in my freezer for a couple of months.  Or that I had, for some reason, an immoderate amount of Snowville Cream in my fridge.  That was just an extra reason that I should probably go.

Oh my.  Am I glad I did.

This unorthodox meetup was hosted in the lovely kitchen of  Jim Cushing, owner of  Charlotte and Olivia’s Sublime Ice Creams.  After introducing ourselves and chatting all things ice cream, Jim gave us an overview of how he makes an ice cream base and gave us some tips making infusions.  Then we split into four groups and each made a different flavor.  Our host, unsurprisingly, had four ice cream makers.  B and I made the 43054 and split the work of mixing in a floral vanilla extract to an ice cream base and some boozy chopped sour cherries.

Charlotte & Olivia’s (not to be confused with one of my favorite designers) just started selling to the public this past week.  It is the teeniest business you can imagine, as Jim has just started it out of his home (albeit using an off-site commercial kitchen and a newly purchased pasteurizer).  Teeny, but with a huge amount of love in the pints.

He makes seasonal and signature (hauntingly familiar words to those who know and love Jeni’s Splendid) flavors that are just delicious.  I was particularly enamored with the chocolate lavender.  And the buttered popcorn just made me smile.  Ice cream’s supposed to do that,  you know.  These had the icier texture but still super creamy taste of homemade, kind of like Jim remembered the ice cream of his childhood tasting like.  I remember what that was like, too.

To get your hands on some, pick up the sweet little walking around cups of ice creams for only $3 each at the New Albany Farmer’s Market.  Other ice cream fix options include ordering pints online and picking up from his home/ice cream emporium or selecting charming delivery if you’re in New Albany or the close surrounding townships.

The New Albany Farmer’s Market opens June 28 and runs for 12 weeks on Thursdays from 4 to 7pm.

Charlotte and Olivia’s Sublime Ice Creams

36 Pickett Place, New Albany, 43054


Playlist included Summertime Sadness, by Lana del Rey.


One thought on “New Adventures | Charlotte and Olivia’s Ice Creams

  1. How wonderful! I love making ice cream at home. Is theirs custard base with eggs or without eggs? I’ve been making Jeni’s ice creams since they are egg free, but honestly I find both processes to take the same amount of time and effort.

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