Local Foods Week is Coming Soon

One of the events that will be here before you know it, Columbus foodies, is Local Foods Week.  This year’s is October 2 through 8.  Part of the events this year is an Eat Local Challenge.  Hades and I are already starting to think about what we’ll do for those seven days.  Will we end up making our own butter from the cream from Snowville Creamery?  Will we research old pioneer recipes?  Will we buy flour from Flying J Farm and make a wild yeast sourdough?  Who knows, but we’re going to treat that week like it’s the Super Bowl.

Consider taking the plunge with us this October.  Even if it’s just for a day, there is a lot of fun to be had cooking in a new way.  It will be one of those days where you’ll go to the farmer’s market (if you can) or the grocery store and decide what looks great.  What’s from around here?  What can I do to make this taste fantastic?  To give you some ideas, I’ll be posting seasonal recipes almost daily.  So hopefully, by October, I’ll have given you an idea what you can do with those super sexy leeks and ravishing butternut squash you’ll have in your hands.

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