Rules of the Game

I figured it’d be best to set some ground rules for the next week of cooking, eating and imbibing.

I’ve looked up the definition of local food, and have been presented with a number of conflicting definitions.  But this week’s theme from Local Matters is OH So Good.  And many people are comfortable saying anything within two-hour drive can be considered local.  Fortunately, we live right smack in the middle of Ohio.  We’ll go with that two-hour rule.

Because I want you to try this, too, even if it’s just for one meal, we’ll follow the “wild card” locavore rules, which are the most accessible of the movement and allow for coffee, sugar, spices and the like.  (Persephone is not a very nice girl if she doesn’t have her caffeine.)

But I am going give up the Coke Zeros.  I’m pretty sure they aren’t locally harvested.

I’ll also occasionally feature Ohio-produced goods this week, like Rossi Pasta or Silver Bridge Coffee, although neither source locally.

In general, I’ll do my best to make sure it’s from as close to home as possible.

All this week, too, in keeping with our theme, I’ll be featuring some of my favorite Ohio music.

The goal of the week is to have some fun, try some new dishes, meet some new farmers and eat some great food.  Thanks for following me on the journey!


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