We started our Eat Local Challenge this morning!

I think we’ll have to stop by Stauf’s this morning on our way out to Ohio Market Day at The Hills Market.  I was remiss in stocking up on Silverbridge.

Cherub noshed happily on a Holistic Acres Egg from Ashland, Ohio.  Hades and I skip breakfast most mornings, but we usually do up a real spread on Sundays.  For tomorrow, I’m leaning toward something with a nod towards my Texas roots.

At Hills Market, we’ll stock up on local produce for our side dish we’re bringing to Fall Fest at Dick Jensen’s Flying J Farm in Johnstown later this afternoon.  Cherub is looking forward to the hay ride and seeing what square dancing is all about.

Playlist was Cannonball, by Dayton’s own The Breeders.


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