Giveaway of the Day | North Market Spices Gift

I love the folks at North Market Spices.  I love Ben.  I adore his mom, Cindy.  Cherub loves Cindy.  Loves, loves, loves.  You get tremendous service from the Walters family there.  They have everything you could possibly need.  Plus some things you might not have realized you need.  It’s a fun shop.

Right now they have mulling spices for wine as well as, I’ve heard, a tremendous spicy hocho (hot chocolate for all of you not into the whole brevity thing).  Great grab and go gift bags, too.  Perfect for the last-minute hostess gift.  Because we are all  being invited to a ton of holiday soirees this time of year.

So today’s giveaway from North Market Spices, Ltd. is perfect for giving or keeping.  This gift bag contains 2 ounces of mulling spices, 2.5 ounces of pumpkin spice and 2 ounces of poultry seasoning.  Also included is a “holiday topper” with whole nutmeg, cinnamon sticks and a cute mini grater that stores the nutmeg, perfect for grating over egg nog or a strong hot toddy. 

To enter, let me know who you plan to give this little gift to (yourself?  your mom?  your office mate?) in the comments section of this post or send me a tweet with the same info.  For complete rules, click here.  Entries can be submitted until noon on November 29th.  Good luck!


12 thoughts on “Giveaway of the Day | North Market Spices Gift

  1. I would give this to my middle daughter who is an amazing chef already at the age of 14. She and I are a great team in the kitchen and she would love her own set of spices and especially the grater!…How cool is that, right!?

  2. I’d love to give this gift to myself!! I love to cook and bake and I know the importance of good ingredients. I love to share all my baked goods with the wonderful caregivers at my mother’s assisted living community. It’s also important to patronize all the wonderful vendors at the North Market.

  3. I would give this gift to myself, because these are some of my most often-used spices! I have a gallon of apple cider, several pie-pumpkins, and a whole chicken that are ready and waiting. 🙂

  4. This would be really hard to give away! I plan to put several North Market Spices gifts this year…but I might give this one to myself!

  5. I just recently restocked my spices from the fine folks at NMS, so I would gift this to my sister-in-law because last year she got me a subscription to Everyday Food. She’s a SAHM and does all the cooking and baking.

    That cocoa is super spicy! I’m going to the holiday event at the market next Saturday to hopefully pick up some gifts. NMS also has (or did last weekend) packs of vanilla bean seeds, saving you the hassle of scraping the beans yourself. Totally going to get some of that! I’m still trying to create the vanilla salt I picked up at The Greener Grocer.

  6. I would give the gift to myself. As a plug, the Bavarian Seasoning Blend is as close to why my MIL made as I have found Stateside! Delish!

    I might share some with a friend… just a little bit.

  7. hmmm, I would love to keep it for myself but I would most likely share it with a friend at one of holiday parties that we are headed to this season – help spread the word about all the amazing local places to shop!

  8. I bought 7 of the Hostess gifts for all the Aunties at Thanksgiving, all Great Cooks, and each loved the idea and want to buy them for all their friends. The people at NMS made the visit so much fun!!

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