Giveaway of the Day | Silver Bridge Coffee

I have enjoyed Silver Bridge Coffee since earlier this year.  I sampled it at Whole Foods and was smitten.  I’m a sucker for a really good flavored coffee.  And Silver Bridge has some great ones.  Right now I’ve been drinking the Pumpkin Spice.  If I’m not careful I can go through a whole carafe.

I recently met Lorraine Walker, owner of Silver Bridge, at the Dublin Whole Foods when she was sampling her coffee for people.  She had a line three deep when I walked up.  It’s wonderful to talk with her because she is so passionate about her business.  Lorraine is a proponent of fresh, small batch roasting. “Coffee is an agricultural product that should be roasted and brewed fresh. The difference between fresh roasted coffee and the stuff in the can or gourmet coffee at the store is like the difference between eating a strawberry shipped in from the West Coast or picking one fresh from your garden.”

In addition to being passionate about quality and freshness, Lorraine is also a champion of other women-owned and -run businesses.  Which is why she stocks several varieties of Cafe Femenino.  The Café Femenino Coffee Project is a social program for women coffee producers in rural communities around the world.  Additionally, Lorraine charitably donates a portion of  her sales from these coffees to support the homeless women and children at Amethyst.

Great story, right?  I know!  And the coffee is really, really tasty.  Silver Bridge gift packages would make perfect holiday gifts, 12 ounce packages make great hostess gifts.  Locals here in Columbus can pick up Silver Bridge at either Whole Foods or the Hills Market.  And for non-locals, she has a complete selection online.

Today’s giveaway includes a Silver Bridge travel mug, one 12 ounce bag of whole bean Dominican Republic Cafe Femenino, and one 12 ounce bag of ground Caramel Creme.  

To win, either write in the comments section of this post how you take your coffee, or send me a tweet with the same information.  Entries end November 28th at noon EST.  Full giveaway rules can be found here.  Good luck!


10 thoughts on “Giveaway of the Day | Silver Bridge Coffee

  1. A little flavored cream (the season determines which goes best…right now its hazelnut). But my favorite is just before you take the first sip…the anticipation of a good cup of coffee is almost better than the cup itself!

  2. Love that coffee! I actually use Vanilla Soymilk as my creamer in my morning coffee. And it needs to be heated up so that it doesn’t cool the coffee down too much. Runner up is Snowville half n’ half with a touch of sugar. 🙂

  3. As the owner of Silver Bridge Coffee and a close neighbor of Snowville Creamery. I can tell you that the Caramel Creme coffee from Silver Bridge and the Snowville half n half is a match made in heaven. It is a cup of pure goodness :O). Warren keeps promising me shirts that say Snowville runs on Silver Bridge Coffee. They drink the Silver Bridge Blend at the Dairy. You can buy Silver Bridge and Snowville at Whole Foods at Lane Ave and Dublin and at the Graceland Kroger in Columbus.

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