Persephone’s Drinks Cabinet | Sage Flower Sangria

Get some food people together and you can come up with some pretty tasty ideas.

At dinner recently, my friend Bethia pointed out how flowery Kate‘s sage plant was and plucked a few of the purple blossoms for us to pop in our mouths.  Our eyes widened and we were immediately smitten with the surprisingly honeysuckle-y sage-iness of the teensy lavender-colored blooms.  Enterprising Kate made up a quick batch of sage flower syrup and kindly gifted me a batch.  I love that girl.

I used some this afternoon in some red wine sangria.

My sage plant in the background with the last of the flowers on it. Note the syrup and the triple sec in the bottom of the pitcher. Make sure to give it a good stir.

Sage Flower Sangria, serves me and Hades…

1 bottle of red wine (inexpensive Rioja, Beaujolais and Lambrusco are all good kinds)

Small handful of strawberries, halved (Worthington farmer’s market has them in now)

1 peach, cubed

1 small orange, sliced

1 lime, sliced

3 T sage flower simple syrup (ask Kate to put up a post)

1/4 c triple sec

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher (Notice how good I am at reusing vases from flower deliveries!).  Chill.  Imbibe.

Playlist included Spanish Sahara by Foals.


4 thoughts on “Persephone’s Drinks Cabinet | Sage Flower Sangria

  1. Kate! It was so, so good! It was even better after it chilled a while in the fridge and everything sort of married together. It was perfect. I think I’ll be making more batches this week.

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